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One day, a fruit grower's son and his better half had a bit of spare cash.

It was starting to burn a hole in their pockets, so they went Down South in search of something to do with it. Perhaps they should have bought an investment property in Margaret River. Except that an apple press, a crusher, some mesh filtering bags and a stainless steel tank sounded way more exciting! So they went back to Perth with a dream. A dream to make an astonishingly good Western Australian cider for all their mates to enjoy.

The fruit grower’s son’s family decided to give them a hand and Naked Apple Cider was born, in a place you’ve probably never heard of called Karragullen, population 449. The only reason you visit Karragullen is if you work there or you’re hiding from the police. This sleepy place sits deep in the heart of the Perth Hills, in prime fruit growing country. The family have grown fruit on their orchard there since 1987, the same year that U2 gave the world The Joshua Tree album and pogo balls were cool.

For five years they worked on a recipe that was true to their name. Naked. They stuck by the crazy notion there should only ever be two ingredients in a Naked Apple Cider: fruit and sweet, sweet love. Local fruit at that. Usually procured over a yarn and a handshake, leaning against the back of the ute down at the local packing shed.

For five years they learnt about the craft brewing industry. They made contacts, cold called pubs, won some taps. They wore black hoodies and trucker caps. They considered growing brewer beards, but that was where the fruit grower’s son’s better half drew the line.  They were given a go by legends like the Rose & Crown Hotel, Print Hall and their local watering hole, the Best Drop in Kalamunda.

They did epic events like the Cider+Pork and Beer+Beef festivals. They built an army of mates and got some good reviews. After a while, they realised they needed a place to call home. Somewhere all their mates could bring their kids and dogs to enjoy a brew. They considered opening up the family farm, but it had no phone reception and its vast collection of rusted VW's would never make it past the inspections. So they found an epic place with an even more epic Chef and crew, just a five minute clip from Naked Apple HQ. It was here they set up a cider house.

It’s a cider house where everyone is welcome, even those who don’t love cider. It’s a cider house where every mouthful is a taste of the Perth Hills. It’s a place that gives props to local growers. It’s where the food and drink are married to local produce. It’s where the good times roll, the banter flows, the tunes are soulful and the smiles are warm and free. 

L to R: Ross Engel (Company Director), William Miller (Shareholder / Operations Manager), Holly Croft (the fruit grower’s son’s better half/Marketing & BD), Sebastian Sindermann (Head Chef).